Live Stream And Video On Demand

Live Stream and Video On Demand

Live streaming and video on demand is a great way to stay in touch, entertain your loyal fanbase, and get new clients. Getting started can be a little daunting and that is where we come in. We will guide you through the whole process.

Whether you’re an established brand with a big following or a small business looking to building your fanbase; live streaming is perhaps the best way to share information in real-time. And it can be viewed on your website or on multiple social media outlets like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

With the spread of Covid-19 and the restrictions that are being put in place, there is increasing uncertainty across our nation and around the globe, but people still need your product and services. And many of these people are now off at work, out of school, etc… and are stuck at home looking for something to consume other than the news.

Here are just some ideas to stand in front of the crowd.

  • Create a virtual experience: So you have to cancel your conference. What if you do a pre-recorded or live-streamed presentation and broadcast it to those who would have attended the conference.
  • Create an information video : Restaurants that now do online orders only could have a video that shows the steps on how to create an order online and how easy it is to pickup up the food.
  • Work on your own business: We often get so caught up in creating video production and photography content for others that we never create anything for our own business. Now is the chance for you to get ahead of the competitors! Are you an electrician? Start creating how-to videos on fixing a light switch. Are you a Realtor? Start giving tips on the home buying process. Start building up content you can share throughout the year. There’s even a possibility you could become “YouTube Famous” and make some passive income!
  • Connect with previous clients: There is only so many Netflix shows you can watch before your ready to do something else. With so many people staying at home right now why not give a previous client a call. If you can’t do a call what if you sent out an announcement video to some previous clients? Who knows where your conversation can lead, and maybe when things get a little less crazy they will be thinking of you and your services again.
Sean McVeigh Media is a Rhode Island video production company offering live streaming and video-on-demand services.

This is a hard time for everyone so we also are extending special pricing on our live streaming and video-on-demand services for a limited time. Just mentioned this post when you contact us.

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Sean McVeigh is an award-winning filmmaker and producer with over 25 years of experience. Sean’s work as a cinematographer and editor has been viewed on many of the major TV networks including NBC, ESPN, and the BBC. He has also worked with iconic brands like Apple, GE, Jaguar, Amtrak, US National Parks Services, and AAA.