5 Reasons Why You Need A Corporate Event Videographer

An RI Videographer filming a corporate event Several key elements go into hosting a successful corporate event — like a stunning venue, delicious catering, and engaging entertainment, to name a few. But there’s one professional you may not have on your list yet: A corporate event videographer.

A corporate event videographer can do more than just film your event. Having the occasion professionally filmed can actually be a smart strategic move that gives your more marketing material or even encourages your guests to enjoy themselves more. Below, learn more advantages of filing your corporate event and get insight on the best Rhode Island videographer for the job.

Up your other marketing materials

One of the biggest advantages of professionally filming your event is the potential to use the footage in marketing materials later on. Your RI videographer can edit a promotional reel for your website, allowing you to promote your brand or next year’s event.

What’s more, you can easily use clips in your social media marketing as Facebook posts or TikTok reels. Customers often appreciate seeing these behind-the-scenes peeks into their favorite brands. It helps promote engagement with your audience and reach new people. Some videographers may even go beyond and help you curate a video marketing strategy for sites like YouTube.

Let your corporate event videographer capture your event in HD

Do you want people to remember your corporate event via grainy cell phone videos and blurry selfies, or with high-quality, color-graded footage from a professional’s camera?

A corporate event videographer understands how to capture clear, saturated, and smooth video in all kinds of different lighting conditions. They can quickly adjust settings on the spot or swap lenses to yield the best quality footage, letting you and your guests relive the moment in HD.

Let guests enjoy the moment

Speaking of blurry selfies and grainy cell phone videos, investing in corporate event videography could encourage your guests to put their phones away. With a professional dedicated to documenting the key moments of the event, they may feel less pressure to snap photos and videos of their own. So, they can relax and enjoy the moment with colleagues and friends.

This helps you cultivate a better sense of community among your attendees – and you can use it to help guests who couldn’t make it feel more included. In fact, some videographers may even be able to live stream your event to sites like Youtube or Twitch, allowing your audience to feel like they’re a part of the event from the comfort of their living room or office.

Tell your brand story

Brands that take advantage of storytelling principles in their marketing materials tend to yield more successful results than those that don’t. In fact, one scientific case study found a link between storytelling techniques and brand loyalty. And by filming your next corporate event, you can take advantage of a key storytelling principle: Show, don’t tell.

After all, you could tell prospective employees that working with you provides an exciting company culture, or you could post a reel of HD footage from your last company retreat on your recruitment website. What’s more, a videographer also knows how to take advantage of storytelling techniques in film – like how to best frame shots for dynamic effects.

Gain a new angle with a corporate event videographer

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, some videographers can use drone footage to give you a bird's-eye view. A licensed drone videographer can do flyovers or capture unique angles that a videographer on the ground otherwise couldn’t. Plus, they’ll film with professional quality drones sporting HD cameras that hobbyist drones can’t compete with. The resulting footage could help up the final production value of your marketing materials, showing customers a new perspective on your brand.

Edited and refined

There’s one last piece of the puzzle: Editing. Even if some guests manage to capture cell phone footage of your event, you’ll still need to edit them yourself if you want to create promotional videos or social media clips. So, instead of wrestling with your laptop’s default editing software, you can allow a professional to curate all the highlights from your event in a single video file.

Some events videographer professionals may even create different cuts as part of their event videography services – such as a quick highlight reel for social media or a lengthier cut for your website. All you need to do is post it, and start thinking about next year’s event.

A RI videographer for your needs

Ready to enjoy all the advantages of professional HD footage for your next corporate event? McVeigh Media is ready to tell your story.

With over 25 years of film and video experience, we’ve helped plenty of clients capture HD footage of their corporate events, from charity galas to anniversary parties and more. With our Rhode Island video production services, we can even help you livestream your event to reach a wider audience, or curate a social media marketing strategy with your video content. Plus, as licensed Rhode Island drone videographers, we could even allow you to gain a new perspective on your event.

We’ve worked with brands like Apple, GE, AAA, Jaguar, Amtrack, and more, and we can’t wait to add your name to the roster. Contact us today, and let us capture memories from your next corporate event.

Posted by Sean McVeigh
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Sean McVeigh is an award-winning filmmaker and producer with over 25 years of experience. Sean’s work as a cinematographer and editor has been viewed on many of the major TV networks including NBC, ESPN, and the BBC. He has also worked with iconic brands like Apple, GE, Jaguar, Amtrak, US National Parks Services, and AAA.